About rwb330

& Local Community

rwb330 is located at the flower market, a hub for flower and plant trade, where is surrounded by numerous old tenement buildings and vigorous flowers, telling the struggle and survival stories of Hong Kong people.

rwb330 sells products using classic materials with creative design and “Positive Hong Kong” messages, hoping that such positive messages will be disseminated to the general public through household items. We endeavor to encourage originality and promote local culture by working in cohesion with different parties in the community, such as local designers, schools and students. Through creative workshops featuring positive thinking, rwb330 aims to consolidate positive power and awake the youngsters’ realisation and reflection of local culture, thus sustaining the Hong Kong Spirit.

The Mini Gallery at rwb330, displaying various rwb artworks and products, is designed to promote an appreciation of arts at the community level and to inspire people to learn more about the rwb spirit.