About rwb330

About 330

New Life has been developing diversified social enterprises to create employment and training opportunities for people in recovery of mental illness since 1994. In line with our mission of promoting mental wellbeing, we rebranded the corporate identity of our social enterprises with an aim to strengthen the positions of our brands in the hearts and minds of customers.

“330″ , resembles the phonetic sound of “body, mind and spirit” in Cantonese, is our new corporate brand identity that reflects our social enterprises’ focus on promoting holistic health. Theme projects include café330, farmfresh330, eshop330, rwb330 and ecotour330. Through our strategic branding, we deliver value to our customers by helping them better understand our vision, increase understanding of people in recovery and raise awareness of their holistic health.


Love Your Body
Rest well, exercise often. Treat your body well by choosing what you eat and developing healthy eating habits


Be Positive
A healthy mind makes a healthy body
Be lighthearted and you will attain
peace of mind


Find a zest for living
Appreciate, treasure, and be thankful
of the good things in life
Mourn not the past, live for the present,
and lead a happy and fulfilling life