rwb330 launches redwhiteblue Hong Kong Souvenirs & Travel Items to impart positive spirit of Hong Kong to tourists

2013 - 09 - 10

Committed to promoting a positive Hong Kong spirit, rwb330 is going to launch a series of “redwhiteblue Hong Kong Souvenirs”, which includes “Positive Hong Kong bearwhiteblue Series”, “Praise Hong Kong” Series and “redwhiteblue Travel Items Series” with the sponsorship of “DBS Social Enterprise Advancement Grant”. These souvenirs, mainly made of the classic redwhiteblue material, which is an iconic representation of Hong Kong local culture, are definitely good mementoes for tourists to bring home to show care and concern to their friends and relatives. A giant teddy bear made of redwhiteblue material is showcased at rwb330 to share the story of bearwhiteblue. Customers are welcome to take pictures with this bearwhiteblue and buy its souvenirs to bring its positive spirit home!

“The sponsorship from DBS Social Enterprise Advancement Grant helps to promote the perseverant spirit of Hong Kong to tourists through product innovation and service enhancement. The project enhances the positive image of Hong Kong and at the same time provides work opportunities for the disadvantaged group such as people in recovery of mental illness, the unemployed middle-aged women, single mothers and new immigrant women, etc. It’s expected that the project will provide work opportunities for more than 30 disadvantaged people.” said Ms. Kris Wong, General Manager of Social Enterprises of New Life Psychiatric Rehabilitation Association.

A survey was conducted by a group of university students in tourist districts including Central, Causeway Bay, Tsim Sha Tsui and Mongkok, etc. with the aim to understand the needs of our target market about souvenirs and travel items. The survey on one hand provided university students with practical experience in market research and on the other hand enhanced public understanding towards people in recovery of mental illness in order to promote social integration.

A total of 1,211 questionnaires were completed. The interviewees, aged between 18 and 60, were mainly from China, Europe and America. The survey found that most tourists would spend about HK$500 on buying souvenirs and travel items. Their favourite souvenirs and travel items are those with a rich local flavor, such as local featured gift set, local food, post card, badge, cloth bag and eco cup, etc., and travel items such as travel bag, clothes storage bag, multi-purpose bag, backpack, luggage tag and passport holder, etc.

“Perseverant people, start from scratch. Aspirants, become even bluer than indigo plant. Fair-minded people, see things black and white. Positive-minded people, see the blue sky and white clouds. Positive Hong Kong redwhiteblue, bearwhiteblue.” /anothermountainman. “Positive Hong Kong bearwhiteblue Series” is exquisitely designed by anothermountainman (Mr. Stanley Wong) to promote the pure in heart and perseverance of Hong Kong people. The classic redwhiteblue material and simple and creative design are perfectly matched to demonstrate the positive spirit of Hong Kong. There will be five designs of bears including big bear, small bear, bear twins, bear mother and child and bear and friends. Such cool and cute bear design products, including bearwhiteblue denim bag and cloth bag, 3D hand sewing badge, keychain, eco cup and T-shirt, etc., are now available, at a price range of HK$10 to HK$280. Special editions of bearwhiteblue souvenirs are available free of charge for tourists! For details, please call 2327 4931 or email: info_rwb330@nlpra.org.hk.

In addition to “Positive Hong Kong bearwhiteblue Series”, more exciting new products are coming soon! They are “Praise Hong Kong” Series, which aims to promote Hong Kong culture and values, and “redwhiteblue Travel Items Series”, which melds traditional material with contemporary design.

“rwb330”, the first-ever concept store features with the classic redwhiteblue fabric, is located at the Flower Market at Prince Edward under the premises of Urban Renewal Authority. “rwb330” is a social enterprise which aims at providing work and training opportunities for people in recovery of mental illness and promoting the spirit of “Positive Hong Kong” to the general public. It is also the first partnership project between New Life Psychiatric Rehabilitation Association and the renowned artist – anothermountainman (Stanley Wong) on the branding and creative development of this social enterprise. Scope of business include retailing of “Positive Hong Kong” products developed by local designers and people in recovery of mental illness, organizing creative workshops to promote positive thinking through art means, online retailing and providing creative floral arrangement service. For details, please visit www.rwb330.hk or Facebook page: www.facebook.com/rwb330.

New Life Psychiatric Rehabilitation Association
Established in 1965, New Life Psychiatric Rehabilitation Association is a leading non-governmental organisation specialising in mental health. We aim to make a positive difference by advocating for equal opportunities for people in recovery of mental illness, enhancing their quality of life and moving towards an inclusive society through direct services, social enterprises, mental health education, mutual aid and family support. We currently operate 33 service units and 18 social enterprises serving more than 12,000 people in recovery every year. We are committed to the principles of recovery that value strength-based self-management, empowerment, mutual support, as well as human rights and respect for our service users. We also strive for raising awareness of mental health and acceptance of people in recovery in the community through mental health campaigning and education.

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