“Positive Hong Kong bearwhiteblue” Series

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正面香港熊白藍bearwhiteblue, a teddy bear made of redwhiteblue material. Hugging it makes us feel good with a smile in our heart.

Teddy bear, recalling happy childhood memories, always makes us feel the warmth of life.

redwhiteblue, recalling our collective memory when Hong Kong people visited their relatives in mainland with large bags of daily necessities in the 1960s, echoes the diligence and fortitude of Hong Kong people and is thus considered to be one of the symbols of Hong Kong culture.

The teddy bear made of redwhiteblue material, represents the pure in heart which enables us to tell right from wrong and to stay positive and optimistic. It empowers us with enthusiasm for life, determination and perseverance to create the future. This is the spirit of bearwhiteblue, the spirit of positive Hong Kong.

Perseverant people, start from scratch.
Aspirants, become even bluer than indigo plant.
Fair-minded people, see things black and white.
Positive-minded people, see the blue sky and white clouds.
Positive Hong Kong
redwhiteblue, bearwhiteblue.